In “What Happened After I Left” (2024), Domínguez departs from a research carried upon Chilean aquatic vascular plants that have migrated to other territories, such as the ecosystems in Florida. The exhibition then conceives a series of approaches to imaginative landscapes that produce a dialogue between the universe of aquatic plants and water gardens.

The exhibition, composed of a series of works in ceramics, drawing, and acrylic resin pieces, focuses on creating experiences that speculate on future ecosystems and explore sci-fi ecologies. In this process, objects in space are transformed into fragments of potential landscapes, which meanings become deliberately confusing. Most of the works exhibit physical characteristics that suggest they have been rescued from antiquity, such as broken ceramics as well as worn and dirty surfaces. The intriguing question arises: Are these objects from the past presented as visions of the future or as digitally created fictional representations?

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